Interface for database connections that provide basic query functionality to an SQL database.
Provides the basic functionality to operate on a MySQL database.
Interface for objects that can initialize and provide the PDO instance for database connectors.
A generic lazy loading connector that can take any kind of PDO data source name.
Basic connection provider for MySQL databases.
Exception that gets thrown when trying to use undefined relationships or incorrect types of relationships.
Exception that gets thrown when trying to refresh, update or delete a record that no longer exists in the database.
A class the defines that possible interactions with a database record.
Provides convenience for writing custom queries while taking advantage of existing defined schemas.
Represents data loaded from a database.
Represents a relationship between two schemas.
Facilitates filling relationships for multiple records at the same time.
Provides functionality to perform basic database operations on models.
A schema for a database table.
Schema implementation that provides the schema definition via static class properties.